Dog Training Group Classes

Train your dog in a group environment
Let's Speak Dog
Let's speak Dog

Clear Communication and an understanding of how your dog learns, forms the foundation of a solid partnership between you and your dog.
Group Classes teach you the necessary know how and an opportunity to put skills into practice during weekly classes.

Confidence Building
Confidence Building

Confidence means being comfortable and confident in a variety of situations.
Body awareness exercises and Agility equipment are a great way to build confidence, which is why our classes introduce different equipment.

Loose Leash
Loose Leash Walking

Leash pulling is one of the biggest problems for many dog owners.
Group classes teach you the basics of Leash walking while providing lots of practice around other dogs and people.

Ignoring other dogs
Ignoring other dogs

Being able to stay calm around other dogs is an important skill for every dog.
While most dogs quickly learn the basic commands, it is frequent practice around distractions that gives you a truly well behaved dog that you can take anywhere.

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Where are classes held?

Dog Training group class information

Classes are held on Saturday afternoons.

Group classes are generally run as blocks of 6 weekly classes (subject to weather cancellations).